elyssa plaza press

January 4, 2021
Laura Stanley
Is It Really Love Review

“On the coattails of a quivering bass line, the beat drops and Plaza shifts from frustration to anger, and is confidentially on her way to find somebody with more decipherable love languages.”

Elyssa Plaza Interview
Nefarious Supply
Xavier Tazanu
December 05, 2020

"This song has been something I had for probably about 2 years and was never released. When I first wrote it, I wrote it based on my family experiences and the misinterpretations of love language."

"Elyssa Plaza Starts the Fire in Our Hearts With Her Latest Release, 'Is it Really Love'"
November 27, 2020

"The sweet and savoury R&B/Alternative Artist and Singer/Songwriter Elyssa Plaza grabs the industry by the horns with her first single of the year, 'Is it Really Love.;"