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Co-Sign Radio 
Justin Polinsky, Founder of Co-Sign Radio

"Marvin Gaye... is that you ....? The lucid inspiration cannot be mistaken. Chris Chand is modernizing an old soul sound, deriving a comfort to and for all age gaps. He is pure talent, and his voice is the admiration. " 

"Chris Chand Brings a Ray of Light With His Latest Single, 'Shine'"
Buzz Music 2021

"As Chris Chand begins serenading us with his delicate and melodic vocal stylings, we're able to feel the tenderness and emotion he's placed into the song with each lyric and melody."

Shine Interview
Nefarious Supply 
January 08, 2021

"A signee to start-up label Tom Boy Records, rising artist Chris Chand continues the labels trend of high-quality artists who produce nothing but high-quality music. An artist whose work ethic speaks for its self Chris Chand is definitely on his way to success in the industry and is one of the artists who should be on your radar for underground talent."