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Characterizing an artist that never sleeps, Chris Chand fulfills that role. His overflow of charisma can be broken-down through each masterpiece he passionately constructs, engineered by his vocal instrumentations. Chris Chand is a charming, yet, wholesome individual who seeks longevity in his love for music, as he prevails from the achievements he has previously accomplished.


At his current age of 21-years-old, the Canadian-born, singer/songwriter continues to bend-the-boundaries of the Alternative R&B/Pop scene. From collectively captivating the Toronto streets, to rejuvenating a classic sound, the multi-talented instrumentalist has only just tasted the sample of what is to come.

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"As Chris Chand begins serenading us with his delicate and melodic vocal stylings, we're able to feel the tenderness and emotion he's placed into the song with each lyric and melody. "


Buzz Music 2021



Circles - Homesweet studio sessions

OBJX Studio - What you would do for love cover

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