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Amaka Queenette

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Amaka Queenette is a 21-year-old Nigerian-born artist living in Pickering Ontario. Pulling on experiences and sounds from her religious roots and music-infused upbringing, Amaka is writing some of the finest Neo-soul/ Alt R&B music coming out of the Toronto area. She is creating intricate bodies of work laced with nostalgia and facilitating a sense of breathing room during each listen. In the summer of 2018, Amaka quietly released her first EP, Vacant, which was essentially an analysis of the meanings behind the emotion. It was the perfect introduction to the mind and soul of this genre-bending vocalist.


2019 featured Amaka at the Canadian Music Festival. Following this, Amaka signed a management deal with Tomboy Records. Together they hosted their first showcase, Gestalt, selling out Lee's Palace in Toronto. The show featured various emerging artists across the GTA and was a beautiful display of a musical community.  This is an artist in a lane entirely her own. Her vocal and lyrical composure goes beyond her years. Ever the perfectionist working on her craft, Amaka intends to be a household name. “I'm always just trying to prove that I can deliver quality content even at this entry stage that I am in.”

Latest Release

Want You More


want you more 

Fleeting, Inconsequential - Visual EP

"thoughtful lyrics and her textured vocals work cohesively to evoke feelings of nostalgia in the listener"

Lyrical Lemonade



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