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our story

In 2018 founder Cassandra Kanhai began the label during her first year of Music Business Management at Durham College. In November of that year, Kanhai met Kéia Blake, the label's COO and media specialist in line at the Mod Club. Keia initially began as an intern and officially added to the Tomboy Records team in November of 2019. The two began searching for local artists within the GTA.


In the summer of 2019, the duo signed their first Toronto-based artist Amaka Queenette and hosted a showcase titled 'Gestalt' at Lee's Palace. This was the first collaboration between Queenette and the label. 

As the year progressed, Tomboy continued to build its roster and signed its second artist, Elyssa Plaza. Tomboy focused on the development of Plaza for the remainder of the year, and released her first self-titled EP, 'EP' and hosting shows in venues ranging from The Junction, B-Side Lounge and multiple MiddleMen events. 

To begin 2020 Tomboy Records signed their most recent artist Chris Chand and assisted in releasing his single 'Shine' featuring vocals from the entire Tomboy roster. 

Tomboy Records aims to continue to assist in the development of emerging artists from the east end of southern Ontario.


Meet The Team

Cassandra Kanhai

From Scarborough,Ontario Cass founded Tomboy Records in 2018. She studied Music Business Management at Durham College and graduated in 2020. Cass manages all artists in the label and is head of administration.

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Kéia Blake

Keia grew up in Barrie but moved to Scarborough to complete her studies at Humber College for Digital Communications. She is the COO of Tomboy Records and is the Social Media specialist and administrative assistance. 

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